2018 Micro-Tour 3: June 2-3 2018, "OutdoorFest", Staten Island NY (Book at Bottom of Page)

We are heading to Staten Island for OutdoorFest!

This trip is "Unsupported" (we are camping!), as riders will be responsible for their food and shelter.  You will be among helpful friends, so don't fret! 718 Cyclery provides expert free advice on packing solutions you might be looking into. Also, we rent bags and gear at a discounted rate for Micro-Tourers (you can rent gear in "Booking:" link below)


We will plan to meet at the Staten Island Ferry in Manhattan at 9am. We will ride the ferry over with our bikes, and then ride the 6 mile down to the campsite for a day of good times. 718 will be presenting a demo on Bike Packing and Touring, at 3pm and hope to use you all as props!

Please note that you have to book this trip with us below, AND purchase an Outdoor Fest event ticket here. Normally tickets are $69, our group is getting a discount to $50.

Ride Map

GPS and Cue Sheets

About Outdoor Fest (from www.outdoorfest.com)


Expect everything from hiking to trail running to yoga to slacklining to camping! Throughout your 24 hours at camp you'll find active adventures going on every hour throughout our 75-acre green paradise. 


Whether you're cheering on the crazy ultra runners, dancing to this year's band, looking at the night sky through a telescope or just hanging out in a hammok with a cool Sierra Nevada, the campout will help you get away from it all.


Do you want to learn how to start a fire? Cast a fly fishing line? Pack for a multi-day trip? Tell a wicked story around the campfire? Our workshops are led by the best guides in NYC and are no pressure ways to learn skills before heading into the backcountry

Trail Running

We'll have Salomon Academy: Trail Running 101 for total beginners, a Salomon 5K headlamp trail race for the intrepid and a 6-hour Salomon Ultra run for the truly passionate. All access passes *include* a free registration and Salomon demo shoes to try! Learn more about our June 2nd trail races here.


This year, the Brooklyn Boogaloo Blowout is crossing the harbor from Sunny's in Red Hook to join the campout!  Originally conceived in Boston in the mid 90s by the late bass legend, Tim Lüntzel, The Brooklyn Boogaloo Blowout  ultimately found their stride in the dive bars of New York City, where their musical proficiency grew into a mix of soul, jazz, and r ’n’ b.  In 2017, The Boog released "The Boog At Sunny's", a double album of the sweat, alcohol, and wild energy which has accompanied New York City's favorite bar band for two decades.  Though the album was tragically to be Tim's last recording, the band is committed to carrying forth his unique spirit through the joy and power of the music and love he shared with all.

Fly Fishing

Ready to learn fly tying and fly casting? Head over to the Filson Fly Fishing area at the OutdoorFest 2018 Campout for a hands-on experience with expert guides from Freestone Expeditions. Fly tying is ongoing and fly casting classes run every 30 minutes, come on over to sign up.

Full Schedule

  • 10:00AM: Campgrounds open
  • 11:00AM Yoga Session 1 - all levels by Pop Up Yoga NYC
  • 11:30AM Salomon Academy: Trail Running 101 
  • 11:30AM Packing for long distance backpacking by the Appalachian Mountain Club
  • 12:00PM Photography Workshop with Melissa Goodwin
  • 12:30PM Trip Planning Essentials 101 by Destination Backcountry Adventures
  • 1:00PM Salomon Ultra Run Begins 
  • 1:30PM  Slacklining 101by Brooklyn Boulders 
  • 1:30PM  Psychology of Survival by Destination Backcountry Adventures
  • 2:30PM Map & Compass by Destination Backcountry Adventures
  • 3:00PM: Adventure Cycling & Bikepacking by 718 Cyclery
  • 4:00PM Hike the Greenbelt with the Greenbelt Conservancy (approximately 4 miles)
  • 5:00PM Backcountry Cooking & Nutrition by Destination Backcountry 
  • 6:00PM: Yoga Session 2 - all levels
  • 7:00PM Storytelling 101
  • 8:00PM Fire building
  • 8:15PM Salomon 5K Headlamp Trail Run
  • 9:30PM Brooklyn Boogaloo Blowout at The Stage in the Woods
  • 11:00PM S'mores & Campfire Hanging

Frequently asked OutdoorFest Questions

Q. What's for dinner?

We'll have food vendors on site if you'd like to purchase food. Though, you're more than welcome to bring your own backcountry stoves, grills, or even food to cook over the campfire. We'll also have Mi Casa on-site selling delicious Columbian fare.  Breakfast is provided on Sunday morning.

Q. Drinks?

The water is potable (there are even bathrooms!) so please bring a water bottle. We'll also have beer from Sierra Nevada Saturday night and coffee Sunday morning.

Q. Can I bring kids?

The full campout is only open to those 21 years of age and older. If you have kids that want to watch the 5K or Ultra Run they will be able to come hang out in the main run area during the runs. 

Q. What should I bring? 


  • Tent
  • Sleeping bag and sleeping Pad
  • Headlamp or flashlight (if you're running, headlamp required)
  • Extra layers
  • Water bottle***


  • Yoga mat (or towel)
  • Running / hiking footwear 
  • Camp stove + cooking gear
  • Playing cards, musical instrument 

Q. Do I need to bring fire starter, fishing gear, water purification methods?

Nope. The water tap is potable, we'll start the fires and Freestone will bring the fishing gear.

Q. I don't have a headlamp / yoga mat / hiking boots.

We have some loaners of all of these things on a first come, first serve basis.

Q. Can I bring a dog, illegal substances or my own alcohol?


Q. I'm running the 5K, what time does that start?

A. Registration for the run goes from 7:30PM-8:00PM. Race begins at 8:15PM. 

Q. Cell service? Wifi?

Yes! and... seriously? 

Q. I have more questions...

Email: contact@outdoorfest.com



Please note that you have to book this trip with us below, AND purchase an Outdoor Fest event ticket here. Normally tickets are $69, our group is getting a discount to $50.

We charge a $25 nominal fee to cover our sizable insurance, staffing, and planning costs. Use calendar to select month of trip. Please note that gear can be rented during booking process. Please note 718 Trips and Tours Cancellation Policy here. Please select "Micro-Tour" and the date of the particular Micro-Tour to book below.