Tour de Bronx 2008

The 2008 Tour de Bronx (TBX) was a wholly unorganized affair, but served as the "sea trials" for my new bike "Bumble_Bike".  Riding a fixed gear home brewed machine up and down the 8-10% hills in Riverdale from miles 40-45 was an insane idea, but I am happy to report that I didnt stop once, although it felt as if I was going backwards at some points.

The unorginazation manifested itself in the form of wrong turns, dead ends, locked exits at rest stops and the group of 5000 riders being led back across its paths figure 8 style. It was free, so I guess I cant complain too much.  

The ride was tough, and got exponentially tougher as the ride grew longer through Parkchester, Woodlawn, Wakefield and Riverdale.

The bike did incredibly well, and I didnt have to use any of the many tools I packed for the journey.