Press Release


Brooklyn, NY - Its not often that one of the first orders of business of a start-up company is giving money away, buy 718 Cyclery's founder Joseph Nocella recently did just that. As a board member and coach for the all-volunteer St Francis Xavier Youth Organization of Brooklyn, NY, he and other board members were faced with the loss of crucial sponsors for the upcoming youth baseball season, mostly due to the downturn in the economy. Mr. Nocella, who recently founded 718 Cyclery in Park Slope, Brooklyn, had a feeling that he could do a little more. Returning home from a recent board meeting where the sponsor loss was outlined, Mr. Nocella had the realization that his young company could begin what he hopes will be a long relationship with the community. "I had a hard time that evening, thinking that maybe I could do more to help out an organization who's mission I am totally committed to...but wondering if this new company had the resources. In this economy, and with a new business, the last thing that comes to mind is giving away money".

Mr. Nocella contacted the Organization's President, Mr. Javier Rosario, with an offer to help out. "I don't think I had finished my sentence, when he accepted my offer", Mr. Nocella recalls. "Before I knew it, my company was giving back, simple as that". As a longtime coach, Mr. Nocella says he will be coaching his sponsored team this spring in the Prospect Park Baseball Alliance's Pony Division (co-ed, ages 7-8). "It will be weird, seeing my logo on the back's of my team's jerseys, but I know that my sponsorship really makes a difference directly". 

About 718 Cyclery- 718 Cyclery is a Brooklyn based company, founded in 2008. The company restores vintage bike frames, adds modern components, to create unique modes of transport. 718 Cyclery's bikes have been featured on many online galleries showcasing bike restoration and customization, and the company maintains a forum that describes the restoration process as an educational tool.

About Joseph Nocella- Joseph Nocella, R.A., LEED AP is a Registered Architect and works for Skidmore, Owings & Merrill in New York City. As a LEED Accredited Professional, he see's 718 Cyclery's mission as being very environmentally responsible. "On the one hand, we are reusing the frames of the past. In addition, we are adding more bikes (and hopefully removing some cars) from our roads". As a truly local business, he see's the people of New York City as role models for the rest of the country in terms of non-automobile modes of transit. "Be it bikes, buses or subways, I have always felt that New Yorkers certainly set the bar in terms of sustainable means of transportation, and my company's mission is directly tied to those aspirations".