Work begins on 718C_005 and 006

Initial mock-ups of 718C_005 and 718C_006 started in the cold today.  718C_005 (top picture) will be interestng as it is relatively old frame (1971 Collegiate), and looks to have small diameter seat post and stems (an an existing chainguard and kickstand).  I am thinking of a Carolina Blue paint job on this one.

718C_006 (below) looks to be a Scwhinn World Sport from 1984-ish, and having not measured it yet looks to be a 21" frame.  This is the 2nd frame I have got that came with an existing Bottom Bracket, and I am nit sure if I will be replacing it.  Also, i am going to try to totally remove the crown/frame races from the frame durting painting.

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