Website update (part 9, at least)

So, I made some changes to my website tonight, to fix 2 main issues that have been bugging me.
  • The 1st issue was that the site relied too much on Flash, and consequently was hard to update and you run the risk of someone not having Flash installed in their browser..also, sometimes I think Flash is too slick for its own good!
  • The 2nd issue was that there were too many layers of navigation before a visitor got to the good stuff...the bikes And I never really liked the 1999-era rollover bars. So, I have simplified the navigation, and actually combined it with images. Here is the "new" version You can rollover the 6 images on the right, but the links aren't active yet. Compare this to the current site:
The company itself is doing well, amd most importandtly I am having a great time doing it. I am advertising on Facebook and Google, as well as getting listed as Local Business on Google for Maps search (in Google Maps, go to zipcode 11215, and type in "custom bikes"). Thanks for your continued support.