1970's Centurion 718_066

Here is a 1970's Centurion that came in from a previous client (see his bike).  The task with this one is to restore this bike in all its 10-speed glory.  Work involved includes new bottom bracket, new chain, drop stem a few inches, new bar tape, new tape/tubes/tires and new brake and derailer (see Sheldon Brown's article about the spelling of this word) cables, wheel truing and a general cleaning.

(Did I mention its like 14 degrees outside)

These shifters will move from the stem to the bottom tube

Nice old headbadge

Here I am measuring the distance the chain-rings extend from the frame, as a I am looking to install a new sealed bottom bracket and want to ensure exact clearance.

Chainring and crank arms came off without a problem

Original bottom bracket spindle, measured for the same reasons as above

Lowering the quill stem 3"

New tape/tubes/tires

Progress so far

Modern sealed/cartridge Shimano Bottom Bracket installed.  The spindle length was longer on this bike ( 122.5mm) than on fixed gear bikes as this bike is to retain its multi-chainring.  This requires more distance from the frame.

The shifter was moved from the stem to the down-tube.  Initially, we were going to try and re-use the original shifter, but one didnt fit, and the other was damaged. The interesting thing about this shifter that the the left (front) if friction, and the right (rear) is indexed

New tires, chain and Bottom bracket.  Adjusted the front derailleur and now working on the rear.  With a nice clean up, this bike will soon sparkle