718_039 The Brown Bomber

Here is a classic early 1970's Schwinn Suburban.  This picture depicts its condition as purchased.  Note lack of headset and "American" sized bottom bracket shell.

This frame also didnt have a seat post clamp, so I fitted a new one

The Schwinns of this era were built with a single (Ashtabula or "American") crank, thus have a wider bottom bracket shell.  in order to fit a modern bottom bracket and crank to this frame, a bottom bracket conversion kit is used (converting from "American" to "European")

This baby once graced the streets of Simi Vally, California

Chicago made

I am fitting this bike with hand built Velocity Fusions.

Since this bike didn't come with its original headset, I had to retrofit one with my surplus of Schwinn headset parts.  Better than new.

A Schwinn Approved seat from this era.

Fitting the crankset on the bottom bracket conversion

Lacing the Velocity Fusions rims with Velocity Hubs and DT Swiss Double-Butted Spokes

Mock-up with wheels

There is a pretty deep drop from the fork to the braking surface on the rims. A dop this large requires brakes that have an extra ling reach.