1973 Le Tour

Built a bike this morning with a client who acquired the frame. Its a (I believe) 1973 Schwinn le Tour.  This bike was well cared for over the years, as was evident in the ease in which it was disassembled. This frame was "Schwinn Approved", and made in Japan.  I think this was one of their first batches where they began outsourcing frame construction.
Here is the bike in its original condition (reversed photo)
Here is a pic I found online of a similar model...

Apparently Schwinn started producing them in 1973, but the didn't appear in their catalogs until 1974. (lemon yellow model in foreground, baby blue in background).  The background also looks like the set of Sesame Street

We used hand built Velocity Fusion rims on Velocity track hubs.

My biggest fear in vintage frames is the removal of crank arms and bottom bracket cups.  Again, this one came apart easily.

Headset in great shape, so it wasn't messed with

Fortunately, the client choose not to paint this frame.  The marking and quality of paint is in great shape, considering its 37 years old.

In Progress mock-up

The front brake drop requited a longer brake reach than usual; we used the trusty Tektro 556

The original handlebars has a real interesting antler flair to them