AIDS Ride Wheel Build for Team Lope

I am fortunate enough to have been asked by my buddies at Team Lope to build wheels for this bike and this ride.  The ride is from SF to LA, andno one rides it fixed.....except Team Lope.  These wheels will have Soma Hubs, H+Son Black Rims, black DT Swiss Double Butted spokes with the blackest of brass nipples.

The hubs came in today, rims in 2 days

The rims and spokes finally arrive...waiting on the doorstep

The H+Son Rims come in these nice little "rim baggies"

Rims naked

Only brass nipples will do, and for this particular job, only black brass nipples will do

DT Swiss Double Butted Spokes, black (2.0/1.8)

Got the front wheel strung, but only hand-tightened. ALOT of care in involved in not scratching the rim with the threaded end of the spoke while spoking. This is a classic 3X pattern, with 269mm Double Butted (2.0/1.8) spokes.

Got the rear wheel strung this morning,

The process has only just begun, as the truing process is what I would consider where 80% or so of the effort goes.

Whenever I work on things that are black and gold, I think of Rocky's 1977 Trans Am from Rocky II
"There aint gonna be no rematch, Rock"

At this point, the  spokes only hand-tightened and awaiting a session on the TS-2D
OK, for spoke tension, ever rim is different.  I consulted the rep from H+Son, and he told me that a range from 110psi to 130psi will work.

Joe, You can use 110-120. The rim can handle up to 130 without any problems.

I am aiming for 120psi, in case the client wants to bump them up to 130psi someday.  So, to tension spokes correctly, I consult the reference card that came with my Park Tool Tensionometer.  For 1.8mm spokes, to achieve 120psi tension my meter needs to return a reading of...


Its in the truing stand for the front wheel.  I spend some time getting it into the ballpark, but not to final tension just yet.

What I like about deep sectioned wheels (these have a 42mm section)  is that the start and stay pretty true...what I dislike is that they are hard to adjust.

Oh, its time for the .1mm gauges.

These guys help get to a fine grain of keeping lateral and radial run-out below .5mm

Ready for shipping