Pake Commuter 718_064

This is a 2009 Pake C'Mute project bike that has been sitting around the shop, waiting for life to be breathed into it. The frame is essentially a cyclocross frame, so there are alot of options for mounting brakes, derailers, shifters, fenders, racks etc.  It is quite a beefy frame, which handles NYC commuting quite well. I decided to build it as a single-speed, but this can be converted to a fixied gear or a geared road bike quite easily.

Initial (outdoor) mock-up, before it snowed 3 feet.
Rack installation

Tektro brake levers

Initial (indoor) mock-up.

Finished bike.

I used super tough Continental City Rider tires

I enjoy using Brooks saddles as I get great prices on them, the last forever, are (eventually) comfortable and look great on almost any build.  Pictured is a classic Brooks B17.

I had alot of options with the frame regarding brakes.  The fork is drilled for calipers, and there are also cantilever posts.  I decided to go with Sinz linear pull brakes, as the cable pull for cantilever brakes would interfere with my headset stack.

I found this great adjustable stem, giving the rider some flexibility in cockpit position

Another issue was making sure that the brakes could operate freely of the rack assembly above it

Front hub, All-City Track...spokes laced with brass washers

Rear hub, All-City Track, with freewheel cog

Alex Adventurer rims, with DT-Swiss double-butted spokes and brass nipples

Getting proper clearance with tire, brakes and fender is always a challenge