1974 Raleigh Super Course Mk. II

Our latest project in the shop is a 1974 Raleigh Super Course Mk. II.  Here is the "gents" version in the British catalog.

Here is the bike as it arrived in the shop.  It had been converted to fixed gear at some point, and the owner is looking to totally upgrade the wheels and and drive train.

Alot of times I will turn the bike over to take it apart.

Incredibly beautiful rear drop-outs

For 36 year old paint, its not in bad shape

The headset has loose bearings, which I will probably replace with a retainer.

The bike came apart great, which is a good indication as to how it was cared for over the years.  I am having a problem with the non-drive side crank arm, as my crank puller has stripped the threads and it wont come off the square tapered spindle (this bike has been upgraded at some point with a modern bottom bracket).  I ordered a tool from the J.A. Stein Tool company that should help with this problem; it arrives in a few days.

The client has choosen "Celeste" Velocity Deep V's, to be built up with white All-City track hubs and silver DT Swiss double-butted spokes

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