1977 Centurion

This is a  1977 (I think) Centurion that is in the shop for an intensive rehab.  All new hand-built wheels, new components and a powdercoat paint job. It is a rather large frame we are building up for a great friend of ours.

Centurions used a few variations of their headbadge during theior brief lifespan.

This Headset has an interesting grooved/toothed lockring that I hadn't seen before.

The removal of the bottom bracket was detailed in my review of the tool  that was used here

Unique BB cup

As is customary, the headset was removed and soaked in de-greaser.

The client specified orange Deep V's with pewter All-City track hubs

The is the shop that I use for powdercoating.  Located on 20th Street in Brooklyn.

Picked up the frame this morning...its a light grey finish, which will look great with orange and black detailing. The client has purchased after-market decals.
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