Fixed-Cup Wrench Clamp Review (J.A. Stein Tools)

 The following is my unsolicited review of J.A. Stein's Fixed-Cup Wrench Clamp.

As the owner of 718 Cyclery, Inc in Brooklyn, NY, our work revolves around steel frames from the 60's - 80's.  We are a small shop, and try to be as self-sufficient as possible.  One thing was constantly stumping me, and that was the removal of fixed cups from the drive side of the bottom bracket shell.

The issue is compounded by 2 factors....the fact that the cup is reverse threaded and endlessly being tightened over the life of the bike, and that the width which allows for a wrench to grab hold is quite smallThere are few solutions out there (see Sheldon Brown's), mostly which revolve around clamping the wrench to the cup, or creating enough reverse pressure

I contacted Jim at J.A, Stein tools directly by email, and he quickly responded to my questions about use and cost.  The cost was $35 + $3 Priority shipping, and arrived 2 days later at our Brooklyn shop. 

What arrives is shown below...the tool itself and instructions.
Here is an illustration of the problem...not enough meat for the wrench to grab on to.
This method has resulted in many a scraped knuckle
Jim's solution is simple, elegant and well made. The wrench is placed on the cup, and the tool is placed over the spindle.
The condition at the spindle end (male or female) determines the bolt that is threaded through
The bolt is threaded into the spindle
The outer cup is then threaded down the bolt and clamps tight against the wrench
With the wrench clamped tight, the mechanic is able to either muscle the wrench or tap with a hammer, either way confident that the wrench is secured in place.
My knuckles have never been happier