Great Weekend

We had a great weekend in the shop; 5 builds, a good mix of new/potential client consultations and a meeting with the 3 brave young women who are looking for me to build the touring bikes they are agoing to travel across the US with in August.

Saturday builds (you can see the shadow changing in teh below pics as the day progressed)

The first build of the weekend was Saturday morning; the breaking down of a clients old 10-speed, to create a sleek, light fixed gear.  The client made great color selections regarding the wheels, which were hand-built in the shop

Saturday was an amazing day in Brooklyn in terms of weather, so a great day to build outside.  Build #2 was the renovation of an early 80's Peugeot.  I had gotten a french bottom bracket all ready to go, buy the frame ended up being threaded for an english one, saving the client some bucks. This build ended in a flurry, as 3/4 of thw way through, I snapped the fork (you will notice in the image gallery that a different fork makes the final pics). I built up Alex rims for this build.

Build #3 late Saturday afternoon was a rather tall Club Fuji frame.  This build went together very well, and was built to the client's tight budget.  I built up Alex rims for this build.

Sunday builds

The weather on Sunday was terrible, requiring me to put up the awning/tent.  The first build of the day was a great one; a custom painter Mission Valencia with an Aerospoke front wheel (I didnt build that one, heh heh, but built the rear Deep V.)  There was a delay in this build last week as the initial paint job had some imperfections.  I had the frame re-coated at Ever Nu in Brooklyn, and we finished the build today.

The final build of the day/weekend was for a friend at work.  We built a 53cm Mission Valencia frame, and also built up Celeste Velocity Fusion Rims with red All-City hubs.  Building these frames as single-speeds is always a little awkward, as you have to route the brake cable to the rear of the bike.  The frame is drilled for a rear brake, but no route/bosses/housings are provided to get a cable back there. A pretty sweet build.

So, a great weekend, the biggest in the shop's history....already planning for next weekend.