1975 Peugeot

I recently compete a project using this 1975 Peugeot.  Identifying Peugeot's from this era is fun as they varies their decals and markings in discreet model years. I have learned that Peugeot's from this era are not consistent in their use of French Bottom Brackets, so I usually have to do a manual test.  I have also noticed that the headsets from this era use loose ball bearings, or in some cases loose and retainer bearings

Bearings in retainer (sometimes referred to as "caged")

 (but this may be do to a previous overhaul by someone, hard to tell....cant honestly imagine they'd use loose bearings and retainer bearings in the same headset)...
Here is the bike as it was delivered to me from the client.  He did a great job cleaning it up.

The frame after being stripped. I like to get the frame stripped and ready before the client comes over for a build.

Here is the French-threaded bottom bracket installed.  It looks like a "standard" (English) bottom bracket, except that the drive side is NOT reverse threaded.  It even says "French" on the metal outer ring, I guess to alert mechanics that this guy spins out the other way.

Really nice chrome forks.  I had to gently etch out the inner surface of the front drops to allow a modern axle to fit smoothly.

Straight and solid gear drops.

Build day...everything ready to go at 9am

Here is the headset in its newly reconditioned state.  I am seeing more and more this perforated plastic ring, which is s stand in for a more conventional metal lock washer.  Not sure I like these as much.

I built Celeste Velocity Deep V rims with Surly track hubs and DT Swiss Double butted (2.0/1.8, 282mm) spokes.

New crank, installed and hanging off the bottom bracket

Rear wheel close-up

Pump detail


Finished bike