On Gears

For 2 years, I have tried very hard to keep my business simple; building simple bikes collaboratively with people. As a bike shop that is gaining more and more attention, I had many requests for geared bikes.  In the spirit of being a small shop that didn't want to loose focus, I usually passed this work on the local shops.

That all changed recently as I decided I had the capacity and means to expand my situation from the fixie/singlespeed scene into something that embraces more of what NYC bike culture has to offer.

Below is a project that came in recently from a work associate.  It was a 1982 Bianchi with Shimano 600 components.  He was looking to upgrade the wheels and modernize/simplify the drivetrain.

New wheel on the stand, old wheels in the distance

He initially had a 6 speed cassette, which we changed to a 9 speed cassette, built on a Shimano Tiagra hub and Alex DM18 rims.

The crank was removed and replaced with a Pake 170mm, 46t crank.  A Shimano 9-speed chain was also installed. The rear derailler is Shimano Tiagra.

Once everything was installed, we adjusted the derailler's low and high limit screws.

Final bike. (note: jaunty seat angle at clients request)