Review: J.A. Stein's Cartridge Bottom Bracket Handle Tool

The following is my review of the Cartridge Bottom Bracket Handle Tool from J.A. Stein Tools.

This extremely well made and durable tools was built to serve one purpose, the installation/removal of cartridge bottom brackets (well, thats sort of 2 reasons)

Here's the situation; you are faced with driving in a sealed bottom bracket, and need all the leverage you can get...(btw, this is a French Threaded BB, but it makes no difference obviously)

Using the Park BBT-22, you pop the tool on the end of a socket wrench and hopefully apply enough pressure inwards so as to insert the bottom bracket.

The problem here is that there is really nothing anchoring your tool to the offending bottom bracket, so slippage and associated knuckle-meat damage usually ensues if you run into any resistance whatsoever.

The tool from J.A Stein is ingenious, and follows the concept of their other tools (see my reviews here)  that deal with bottom brackets in that they utilize a screw-in clamping mechanism to keep the tool attached to the component.

So, here's how it works.  You need to use the smaller Park Tool BBT-32.  It s seats in the tool housing, and is secured by a tightening screw.

The tool in then threaded onto the bottom bracket which has been threaded partially/slightly into the bottom bracket shell.

The tool is now firmly in place.

Using 2 hands, the user is able to grab the extremly sturdy metal handles.  There is an amazing amount of firmness and leverage involved.

The bottom bracket is rotated in place.  Obviously, this tool can be used to remove testy bottom brackets also.  

In conclusion, another finely made tool from J.A Stein.  One by one, I move through their catalog, and now have 3 of their tools.