Adding Gears

I have spend the first 2+ years of this operation focusing on keeping what I do very simple.  You hear alot about small businesses failing because of trying to do too much, as opposed to focusing down and becoming quite known for a few things. At this point (May 2010) , I have built 85 bikes, mostly single-speed and fixed gear conversions, with a few geared restorations thrown in there.  As my situation gets more and more known, I am getting alot of requests for geared bikes. I have turned away more work that I care to admit, not because of lack of knowledge of geared components; it was more out of a fear of spreading myself too thin and loosing focus.

I have used the first 2 years of my business learning how to run a business.  I believe I have a solid idea (building bikes collaboratively) and that I am ready to expand it out to other types of bikes.

Much more to come.

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