Stolen 718 bike recovered!

Here is an exerpt from a cleint who had his bike stolen the day after we built it...


I just thought I would let you know that this evening I successfully regained my Peugeot! Last night I saw a craigslist ad for what had to be my bike, because I custom made it with you, so I used an auxiliary email address and set up a meeting to purchase the bike. I then called the police, filed a formal report, and went to the sixth precinct today in the late afternoon. Eventually several plainsclothes officers came with me secretly to the meeting and conducted a sting operation. I now have my bike. 

I just wanted to say that getting my bike back had a lot to do with the fact that (a) it was completely unique, (b) I had a list of every single part on the bike, and (c) I printed off pictures of me building the thing that you posted online. Perhaps that could be an advertisement slant for your shop!