On Online Pricing

Frequently, we are asked if we can match/beat online pricing. My answer is "no"....the email reply below to a recent inquiry states it best.

Dear (customer)

I am a brick-and-mortar shop, and I do not compete with online pricing. We are a shop of highly skilled mechanics that offer advice and expert installation, a place where you can come to with a question or an adjustment. Its the classic tale of main street retail vs online mega-stores, and I feel that what I provide is valuable enough to charge a fair (not slashed or discounted) price for it.

I dont despise the online shops, its all fair game. I do know that I will sit and discuss with you the merits fo the S/A 5-speed hub as opposed to the Nexus 7 speed as long as you'd like, which is alot longer than (Online Mega-warehouse) would. I will answer every question you may have, and I know that's where I have the mega-stores beat. They can compete on price, but they cant compete with me (and my staff). That's how my shop has thrived, by being people who connect and actually care about your purchase....and I will make sure you make the best decision with your money. The robot who picks and packs your component in the warehouse in (Upper Midwest Distribution Center 004a) could care less.

Obviously, you are certainly free to purchase things from wherever you'd like.

And, please dont take this email to be confrontational...I am just passionate about explaining my side of the story. I buy things online, we all do.  Its just, when I can, i support the local guy.