These Last Few Weeks

Hard to describe these last 2 weeks...words that come to mind are "whirlwind" and "exhaustion". October was supposed to have us working in the old shop while I built out the new place. The switchover was supposed to happen the weekend of the 29th.

After paying my last month's rent on Oct 1, our situation in our old shop became "unworkable" (putting it nicely), and we decided to rip the band-aid off and make the leap to the new space.

There were many apparent disadvantages to such an abrupt move (including but not limited to insurance, utilities, customers bikes, inventory, credit card machine, internet...). There were 2 advantages, which outweighed all of the negative. The first is that we actually had a place to go, as I took delivery of the new shop October 1st. the second is that the crew and I were able to rally around and build up our new situation, as opposed to being scattered for a month.

Anyway, we seem to have landed on our feet and have built out the space that I had imagined. We currently have a full slate of repairs and collaborative builds, and have held 2 classes so far. To say that we are embracing our new neighborhood is an understatement. Gowanus is such a vibrant place, filled with businesses and individuals who share our ideas about working with one's hands and craftsmanship.

Come on by to visit anytime, and be sure to come by November 5th from 7pm on for our launch Party.