What Tabatha Taught Me

I didn't go to Harvard, and I don't have my MBA. I have a Masters of Architecture from the University of Kansas (long story...from here, ended up there, came back here).  My journey through entrepreneurship and business was paced by honesty and common sense.  I describe myself as a "caveman" when it comes to business.  Not the caveman in the shabby-chic Geico sense, but in the sense that I try and see things clearly, simply and uncomplicated.

Tabatha Coffey has a show on Bravo (at least I think its Bravo) where she takes over failing beauty salons and uses some pretty honest/harsh tactics to get the business straightened out.  Mainly, the problems seem to stem from the owner of the salon; allowing things to get lax, the salon to get dirty, and not providing and education opportunities for the staff.

I don't run a salon, but I do run a business that is service oriented, where the skill, personality and temperament of my staff is crucial to our success. I watch shows like this and Restaurant: Impossible and try to glean lessons from them.  We strive to create a clean, friendly environment with a staff that oozes excitement and knowledge about bikes.  Attitude and arrogance have no place in my shop.

Is it possible to learn how to run a business on TV...of course not.  but there are so many media resources out there you'd  be a fool not to pay attention to a few of them