Yelp and the Curious Case of "JC"

Every 2-3 months, I get all worked up over how much yelp (spelled with neither a capital "y" or an exclamation point for emphasis) aggravates me.

It's been 2-3 months.

Recently, the shop was fortunate enough to welcome into its service bays an owner of a high-end vintage Italian racing bike. We'll call him "JC". This owner was new to the world of what it takes to own one of these classics in terms of maintenance, etc. We jumped at the chance to work with him so that he became more self-sufficient in terms of care and maintenance. We also spent hours drooling over his bike, and making sure his overhaul tune-up was just right.

The initial session ended with a few NOS parts needing to be located, but I knew we had made a great connection with a new enthusiast.

JC then joined yelp and wrote an amazing review of many many words. In his own words, it took a few hours to complete. As soon as i saw it, i knew yelp would filter it. (see his review here)

We have 85 five-star reviews, yelp shows 11 (see my previous post on this subject here). They use an algorithm to determine if a review if fraudulent. Luckily, I have copied all of these reviews and have put them on the shops website.

What continuously annoys me is that since JC only has 1 review on yelp, yelp deems him to be a shill, and filters his review. How is his opinion of a place of business any less valuable than some snark-wad who reviews 4 restaurants a week. Do you think JC will invest another 1-2 hours on yelp, hoping that yelp deems his opinion worthy...probably not. Yelp is alienating its new users, and is destined for failure.

And then, they want me to advertise with them.