Bicycling Retailers and Industry News Panel Question

We are on a panel that replies to questions for a Bike Trade Magazine.  Here is the latest question and our reply

What products do you place near the register to spur impulse buys? How do you merchandise these items to maximize sales?

I know this probably violates the 1st Commandment of Retail, but we actually don't employ this tactic.  I think its a combination of being annoyed at the practice in other (not just bike) stores, and the fact that our mission is to develop long-term relationships with our customers. I feel this relationship transcends having them grab easily-available tire levers if they need them or not.

Taking that idea one step further, we have actively avoided using any traditional POS displays or racks.  We have a very open and inviting space, and it was purposely designed not to hit anyone over the head with retail.  We are a shop in an industrial part of town (Gowanus, Brooklyn), that relies less on walk-ins and more on being a destination for custom projects and collaborative builds.  To that end, we really didn't see the need to have massive Park Tool structures (although, I think they're cool!)