Showrooming By One Of Our Own

I received a phone-call from a person who identified himself as a local bike mechanic. He wanted to do a a stand-over of a bike we had in stock, but that he would eventually order from his own shop. No one likes being show-roomed overtly, but this young man was up front with me and a part of our local community.

He showed up soon there-after, and stood over the bike he was interested in.  he then told me that he was going to install new Shimano 105 group-set he found online for $426 (MSRP $797...but that's an entirely different post).

He the started pumping me for info and idea about how he should set up brakes etc.  My mind just tuned off. First, I am busy with actual customers. Second, I have to endure the minor indignity of providing him with a bike to stand over, and now I have to listen while he describes his latest online conquest to me. I basically told him that purchasing things like that online hurts local shops (and his current employer and by direct relationship, his job).  He told me it was a deal he couldn't pass up.

I am not preachy about online purchases....we all buy things online. How am I supposed to "educate" customers whilst I buy pane tickets online and put local travel agents out of business.

I was just hoping one of our own would get it, I guess.