The Bull$&*t That is American Express's "Small Business Saturday"

We've all seen the commercials....sweet homespun music, people shopping in artisan twine shops, and the narrator telling us how American Express is rebuilding America through their support of small businesses. They then intone about their "Small Business Saturday" campaign like it's the most sacred thing a credit card company and consumer could do to "bring back Main Street".

"Small Business Saturday® is a day dedicated to celebrating the small businesses that create jobs, boost the economy, and preserve neighborhoods around the country" (American Express Web Copy)

Ever notice their Small Business event isn't on that (black) Friday?

It couldn't possibly be on that Friday as that's when they are hopeful that Americans will feed at the Big Box trough, ringing up huge purchases and exceptional credit card charges.

If American Express really cared about Small Businesses they would have their sham of an event on that Friday. And you want to know something....American Express is the card that most Small Businesses dont accept.

  • Bigger Fees (essentially 2x the fees compared to other cards)
  • The Merchants money is held onto longer that Visa or Mastercard (in some cases 1 week)
So when the commercial says "your money stays local".....some of it does, and it's going to be going away for awhile. Nothing on TV gets me more fired up....if only Yelp had TV commercials