Marcus Lemonis Shoot Part 2

In February, I applied for the shop to be on the CNBC show "The Profit", starring billionaire Marcus Lemonis. The show is about Marcus going into a failing business and giving then a second chance through partnerships, experience and an equity investment.  I didn't think 718 Cyclery was failing, I just thought it might be a fun process. Our application was initially received favorably, but upon interviewing myself and my staff, we were not dysfunctional enough to make it onto TV.

marcus limonascnbc

That application did get the attention of someone at Inc Magazine, and we were asked to be part of a video segment where small business owners get 15 minutes to ask questions of Marcus.

Its not often you get to give your "elevator pitch" to a billionaire, so I jumped at the chance

I met with Marcus last March and basically bombed it.  I wasn't prepared properly for the financial questions Marcus had of me.  He did like some things about what we do at 718, and invited me back to try the interview again the next time they filmed these segments in NYC.

I got my second chance with Marcus this afternoon, and it went great.  He greeted me with such familiarity, as I think he remembered quite clearly how bad I had butchered our previous encounter. We talked mostly about our Collaborative Build process.

As you can see, I got dressed up for the occasion.  I basically left the shop in Brooklyn, went to the studio in Manhattan, and then returned to the shop

We talked about expanding our process online, about labor rates and about me understanding our numbers even better.  He even hinted he wants to visit the shop and perhaps do a Collaborative Build with us.