Operation Harlequin a Total Failure

We sell alot of Public Bikes, more than any shop in the country.  The most common model is $499, and we feel it is quite a nice bike at that price in terms of reliability.

We've never advertised that we carry Publics, as the company itself does a great job via social media to drive customers our way. Being the only shop in NYC to carry the brand also certainly helps.

We sell so many, that we often joke that we can hide them in the basement and we'd still sell them. Its been said that you can't not sell them.

What begins to happen is that we sell them before they even get here, so we never have any floor models for people to test ride.  From this dilemma, Project Harlequin was born.

The plan was to build up 2 Publics (one of each size) using the most mismatched colors we could find.  We fell this would ensure that no one would ever buy them, and we'd always have 2 bikes on the floor for testrides.

This program failed miserably, as people were drawn to their uniqueness.  Both sold in a heartbeat.