October 24 2015 Shop Ride Report

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On Saturday, October 24th, 718 Cyclery led a shop ride and City Slicker Classic course preview at Cunningham Park in Queens, NYC. The City Slicker Classics is NYC's Off-Road Race with 141 registrants, but that's another story.

7 Bikes on the 718 Subaru
We had 35 people signed up for the ride. As is our custom, we invite people who don't have mountain bikes to come out and give it a try. The challenge with Cunningham Park is that it is not the most accessible location using mass transit. Many people drive, and some rode their bikes.  The issue is getting people to the ride who didn't have a bike or car. Enter the Subaru shuttle!

After picking some hearty travelers at the subway station in Jamaicia, we ferried them backl to the trailhead at 210th Street and 67th Ave. By the time we made our 2nd run, a great ride group had formed.

We used our Park Tools event stand,  and felt pretty pro

The group formed up and agreed to take a easy 1st lap of the park, as we had some riders who hadn't ridden mountain bikes before

The group rode for close to 2 hours, and it seems that most everyone took some sort of spill. 

718 Cyclery provided 7 demo bikes for those who didn't have a bike, and all got used heavily.

In the end, this was a great day of new friends and old, spending time out in the closer-than-you-think wilderness