Why Are You Guys Giving Away a Bike?

Why are you guys giving away a bike?

First, I must confess. This idea "came to me" while watching an episode of Diesel Brothers on the Discovery Channel. It is a pretty by-the-numbers reality show operation, but the endearing (endearing all the way to the bank) hook is that they give away one of their diesel behemoths to a customer.

They are pushing people to their online shop, where every $5 in purchases gets a chance to win in the free truck drawing.

Well, I got thinking...could the same model work for kick-ass bikes? That night in January, our Bike Giveaway was born.  In my view, there were 2 pretty cool advantages to trying this out.

The first was to drive traffic to our Online Shop.  In a world where consumers can buy parts cheaper than I can buy them at wholesale ("How Things Work Onlne"), we have always struggled with our place in the e-commerce world.  We are not the type of business that sits inside these 4 walls and bemoans how the internet is destroying us.  We are a shop that takes chances and finds our own way, fueled by our passions and interests. Its worth a try, right?

The second reason that made sense to me was that it could really allow us to focus on us doing what we are known for; building up incredible projects with our customers. In an era where it's all about quick and dirty, let's get slow and dirty.  Let's document the process, let's interview the builder, let's design the rig we wished we could afford..and lets give it away to a lucky nerd (718 nerds and theior immediate nerd families are not eligible)

I usually interject a short anecdote at this point of my description that makes my wife cringe.  It goes something like, "Hey, I have thrown money away with nothing to show for it before, lets take a chance, and at the very least get some great bike pics out of it!"

Looking beyond our first Giveaway Bike, we have though that maybe we can use this to really emphasize the kind of stuff we are into. What if the summer bike is a sweet Mountain Bike, the Fall is a tricked out Cargo Bike, and the winter yields a killer Fatbike?  Who the heck knows....but I do know that we'll never know unless we give it a try.

Anyway, here we are.  We have a great bike spec'd out, and we'll see where this all goes!