On mothers day and youth lacrosse

So, I closed the shop down this weekend. The reasons were important
family events. I actually caught a little flack from potential clients for this but:

1. My family comes first, everything else is a distant second
2. The reason I don't have a storefront at this point is I like the 
flexibility my "appointment only" setup affords me.
3. This closure was booked weeks in advance, it's not like people 
signed up and were bumped.

The resultant of all this is I am booked out the wazoo the next month, 
which is good also.

So, what was so important the weekend?

On Saturday, I took my sons 3/4 grade lacrosse team (which I coach) to 
leafy Maplewood NJ for their 1st away/travel game. 

(my son, being chased by 3 defenders)

(now 4)

(now 5...needless to say, this didn't end good)

No offense to my 
rabid biker client base, but there's nothing more important than my 
Saturday. Sure, we got lost on the way, but these 26 little guys (and 
parents) look to me for leadership and attention. Our program (The 
Brooklyn Crescents...check out the website, I designed it) has been 
around for 4 years, and this is the first year they've expanded to 
include a 3/4 grade boys team. As we are 1 of only 2 lacrosse programs 
in NYC, we play slot of suburban teams. I have played lacrosse for 
many years and through college, so I know the experiences these guys 
are having will last a lifetime.

(Brooklyn's own)

Sunday was a trip to my patents for mothers day. I won't elaborate on 
this event too much, as it's family significance should be obvious.

So, there's my weekend, and I'm beat. On my way to work, writing this 
on the R train, pretty exhausted, but very fulfilled.
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