Rivendell A. Homer Hilsen

Come by the shop to get your catalog

Come by the shop to get your catalog

First, a disclaimer.  All of the "Expert Description" about the frame below is lifted in its entirety from the 2018 Rivendell Catalog.  This document is one of the most amazing bike industry printed items I have ever seen (joining the 1993 and 1994 Bridgestone Catalogs. If you know what they are, you know what I mean.  If you don't, find one and you'll know what I mean). Come by the shop to get yours. I guess we could send you one for free if you pay for postage.


A. Homer Hilsen Expert Description

The A. Homer Hilsen was born in 2003, and filled the humongous gap between race-only roiad bikes and mountain bikes. It redirected our approach to bikes and riding, and created our "country bike" catagory. (Mainstream bike makers are going with the more confining and baffling term "gravel grinders.")

Homers're at home on paved or unpaved roads, credit-card tours, centuries and brevets - so the only thing keeping it from being (in our parlance) an All-Rounder is the size of the tire it can fit. Homers go up to 45mm, which, for a roadish bike, is seriouslt phenomenal, so no need to get greedy and wish for more.

We ride our Homers with 33mm to 40mm tires, a small rack or a BananaSack on the handlebars, and a medium saddleSack or another BananaSack on the saddle/ If you want speed on the road with the versitility to tour or ride dirt now and then, the A. Homer Hilsen is ideal.

  • Frame, Fork, Headset, Bottom Bracket $1,500

  • Typical Complete Bike: $2,900

  • Size, Wheels: 47.5, 51, 54.5, 58 (650b), 61.5, 64 (800c)

  • Color: Homer Blue

718 Builds

Rivendell A Homer Hilsen

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