Rivendell Atlantis

Come by the shop to get your catalog

Come by the shop to get your catalog

First, a disclaimer.  All of the "Expert Description" about the frame below is lifted in its entirety from the 2018 Rivendell Catalog.  This document is one of the most amazing bike industry printed items I have ever seen (joining the 1993 and 1994 Bridgestone Catalogs. If you know what they are, you know what I mean.  If you don't, find one and you'll know what I mean). Come by the shop to get yours. I guess we could send you one for free if you pay for postage.


Atlantis Expert Description

We introduced the Atlantis in the early 2000s as a bike for loaded touring, fire trails, cushy commuting on bad streets; as an all-purpose, all-weather bikes for tires between 40mm and 53mm wide. It's still that bike, but now better.

It takes fenders and racks easily, and adapts to any fun or useful task. In 2016 we introduced the Appoloosa as a near clone of the Atlantis, just made in Taiwan and $1,500 less. We had no plans to make the Atlantis in Taiwan, but now that ship has sailed, so now we differentiate them by wheel sizes. The mid-sized Atlantises now have 650b wheels, and the equivalent-sized Appoloosa, 700c.

They feel and ride the same, so the biggest difference, honestly, is color. The Atlantic has always been Testors color #2135, a creamy blue-green strategically used for the interiors of Russian submarines to keep the entrapped men calm. It looks kind of like Bianchi's celeste, but with a little care you'll see the difference. We didn't set out to copy anybody.

  • Frame, Fork, Headset, Bottom Bracket $1500
  • Typical Complete Bike: $2900
  • Size, Wheels: 47, 50 (26 in); 53, 56 (650b); 59, 62 (700c)
  • Color: Russian Sub Green
Rivendell Atlantis

We haven't been fortunate enough to build up an Atlantis yet...that will change shortly