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Free T-Shirt with Bag-of-the-Week

Free T-Shirt with Bag-of-the-Week

Welcome to The Bike Bag Market. This is not some fulfillment center in a repurposed cornfield. We are a small shop in Brooklyn working hard to bring you some pretty cool things, both in-store or online. These are bags we use and can recommend. We offer a great selection from some of the world’s top Bike Bag Makers.

When pricing remains constant, you are now left with the choice of who you spend your money with.  Locally owned independent small business are the fabric of our neighborhoods, and provide economic lifts to our surroundings through taxes and employment.  Online mega-warehouse websites are the inverse.

Our Bag-of-the-Week drops Monday morning, and comes with 10% off and a Bike Bag Market T-Shirt

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Week of June 24th, 2019: Our Bag-of-the-Week is 10% off and comes with a Bike Bag Market T-Shirt

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Swift Industries Campout 2019 Exclusive Collection

Swift Industries Campout 2019 Exclusive Collection

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One Of Our Favorite Simpson’s Bags Bits

moe bag.JPG

Skinner: As for the school we are exploring various options to raise the $200,000 we need.
Flanders: I've got a motor home I never use. Maybe we should raffe it off.
Homer: Maybe you should shut up.
Flanders: Well, I- Okay.
Moe: We could try selling liquor. Uh, I'm doing great.
Skinner: Please, sir. Put some shoes on.
Moe: What? You don't like my bags? 
Skinner: [Groans] People, these are all good ideas- 
Marge: No, they're not. They're terrible, terrible ideas.

What I always loved about this routine is that both Skinner AND Moe come up with viable ideas that are instantly shot down. Flanders is actually offering to donate his RV, and this is one of the only times that Moe says he’s doing great.

For years in the shop, if someone (customer or employee) said the word “Bags”, the instant refrain from those in earshot had to be “What, you dont like my bags” in your best Moe impression.