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Bike Club is an immersive way to get involved with 718 Cyclery.  Doors open at 7:30am on Bike Club Saturdays for free coffee, home-made muffins and some great acoustic jams (just kidding on the jams). Sneak out of the house early to ask our staff that nagging question, throw your bike up in the stand for some free advice, or ask us about getting set up for our next trip/tour.  Think of it as open-office hours.

Depending on location/schedule the Club will head out on a great group ride  This is no-drop rides at a conversation pace, intended to foster community rather than fuel aggression. Helmets are required.

We do need you to sign up, so that we know how many muffins to bake. Sign up below.

All 718 Ride Leaders are certified in Wilderness First Aid and CPR

Bike Club Ride Schedule

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