Cargo Bikes

No one in NYC has more models on the floor available for test rides. Bring the kids, or use our twin 35lb sandbags as ballast.

  • Nihola Family
  • Xtracycle Edgerunner 8E (E-Bike)
  • Yuba Mundo Lux
  • Yuba Supermarche
  • Surly Big Fat Dummy
  • Metrofiet
  • Benno Carry-On

Check out our Closeout Bike Page for some great deals on floor models. Also, check out our huge selection of Cargo Bike Accessories 

Bikes depicted below as actual photographs are in stock.  Bikes depicted with a stock photo are available to be ordered. Please contact us at, as we can have one brought in for a testride. In addition, if you're looking to put together something unique, have a look at our Online Bike Builder


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