So, Its Been About 1 Month

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As some of you might know, I have left my profession of 20 years (over 30, if you cont that that I wanted to be an architect since I was younger than 10) to focus on the bike shop full time.  Its been about a month into this new pursuit, and here are some observations:

Being on your feet 10-12 hours a day is grueling.  I came home achy and all kinds of tired the first few weeks.  My body seems to have gotten used to it, and I am actually stating to feel less creaky than I had been feeling at my desk early this Summer.

When you are in an office, you are exposed to a very small slice of society...when you throw open your shop doors wide in Gowanus on a beautiful day, that slice "expands".

I  have gained an appreciation of the width and breath of the scenarios my crew handles on a daily basis. Coming in only in the evenings as I had been doing, I often received the abridged versions of the craziness of the day ("this guy says he knows you, he will be back tomorrow").  Now I get to experience it firsthand.

More to follow.