Bike Camping Trip July 10-12, 2015

Fahnestock, NY July 10-12, 2015

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On July 10-12, 2015, 718 Cyclery led as bike camping trip to Fahnestock, NY. This free trip was the culmination of a free program that saw 3 bike camping classes and an overnight trip to Floyd Bennett Field in the Spring.

Our series of 3 classes started in May and covered 

  1. Bike Touring and Camping basics

  2. Gear and Packing

  3. Physicality and Training

With some training behind them, our trip began on a beautiful Friday morning with 28 campers heading off in 3 distinct groups.

Group A

was led by Shop Manager Alfred, and left from the shop at 8:00am (72,5 miles, 1126' elevation gain). This group was geared towards experienced road riders and bike tourers. Leaving at 8:00am, this group arrives at the campsite at 6:30pm after dealing with a few mechanicals.

Group B

was led by Clay and departed from the end of the #1 Subway in the Bronx (53 miles, 938 elevation gain). This group met at 11:00am, and worked there way north with riders who had bikes geared for dirt and gravel roads. This group arrived at the campsite at 8:00pm.

Group C

was "self supported", and saw campers take the Metro North Train to Cold Spring (9 miles, 1046 elevation gain). Although the distance was short, the sustained climb up from the train station on the river was quite pronounced.

Groups began arriving at 6:30pm and began setting up our campsites while Joe and Rudy prepared dinner.

Group A arriving

Friday evening camp set-up

Friday night dinner

Saturday morning saw breakfast of oatmeal with cut fresh fruit

Saturday afternoon at Canopus Lake

Taco night!

All told, a great trip with some new great friends