The Titans of Tuesday: Hail and Farewell

As we move towards introducing our Saturday Shop Rides , I want to pause and remember the genesis of our riding program...The Titans of Tuesday. The Titans of Tuesday were born in July 2014 in Utah. I had let Chris Kelly of Topanga Creek convince me that we as a shop needed more time outside the shop. At the time, this was my second trip to Utah for mountain-biking, and I returned to Brooklyn ready to go on some rides and spread the good word.

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I bought an elaborate


roof rack from my partners at


, with the instructions that I wanted to be able to carry any bike (QR, thru-axle, fat bike), Our staff was all excited about taking some excursions every Tuesday. We closed the shop and off we went.

The idea was to show our customers that there are so many accessible mountain bike trails so close to NYC. In addition, we gained alot of experience riding these great bikes that we sell. Another great benefit was some good old staff bonding time.

The trip always included a trip to a local diner, a ride, and then a subsequent visit to a local bike shop.

For the last year, our rides have taken us to places that we didn't realize were so close. It has made us all better riders, and drawn us closer together.

We basically spent an entire year mapping out the local scene. The next step is to take our customers with us, which cant happen so much on a Tuesday.

Memories that stick out are when Tijon's Mukluk fell off the roof (user error) on the Jackie Robinson Expressway. Also there was the time that Aaron ordered a plate of American cheese at a diner in NJ.