2015 Cargo Bike Rodeo

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"So why is it called a Rodeo?", the reporter asked over the phone. "Because it kind of sounds funny", I replied.

Yuba Mundo

Raffle Tickets for Yuba Mundo

718 Cyclery's

1st Annual Cargo Bike Rodeo was an event conceived to further the idea that Cargo Bike ownership can lead to a better quality of life here in Brooklyn.

Brooklyn Cargo Bike

Rodeo Set-up

Basically, the event was set up to have numerous

cargo bikes

and numerous events for people to take part in. The day took on a schedule all it's own, and it turned out great.


Kids of all ages!

Blessed (hate that word) with impeccable weather, all kinds of things went on inside and outside the shop.

Brooklyn Cargo Bike

Selling the Cargo Dream

Lots of milling around, BBQ and test rides were the name of the day.

Yuba Spicy Curry

Clay, setting 3rd Ave Land-Speed Record on a Yuba Spicy Curry at 30mph

Xtracycle Edgerunner

"Its so light"

Animal rides were popular today


"We want this one"

Thanks to the friend folks at

Yuba Bicycles

, for getting us a great Yuba Mundo to raffle off....and for Joe from Downeast for great conversation all afternoon.

Cargo Bike Rodeo

Maybe next year we close the street off?

 In hind site, this was a fun event handled very well by my expert staff. For the 2016 version, we will certainly look to plan it sooner...but by that time everyone will be ion cargo bikes and our work here will be done!