First Day of 718 Summer

At 718 Cyclery, there are 2 seasons...Summer and Winter.

  • Summer: March 1st to October 31st (8 months)
  • Winter: November 1 to February 28 (4 months)

Having 2 distinct seasons of 8 and 4 month respectively helps us plan and budget in a city that can see over 100 Fahrenheit of temperature swings during the year. 

We also use this system to pay and schedule our salaried employees so that they get the same paycheck every week, year-round. Their salaries are based on a 40 hour work week. During the 8 months of Summer, they work 45 hours/week. During the 4 months of Winter they work 30 hours/week. Over the course of the year, it averages out to a 40 hour/week, which is how they get paid.

One of the banners we fly is to work hard and "reduce thee off-season"...meaning shrinking Winter as much as we can.  We do this with our regular schedule of

Free Classes


Shop Rides

and even


Charting this 4 month period (November, December, January and February) over the last 5 years, we have been successful in growing our business. Not by sitting inside and watching movies and events on TV, but by getting our asses outside and sailing into the wind.

  • Winter 2010/11, Baseline
  • Winter 2011/12, 79% growth over previous winter
  • Winter 2012/13, 35% growth over previous winter
  • Winter 2013/14, 5% growth over previous winter
  • Winter 2014/15, 12% growth over previous winter
  • Winter 2015/16, 25% (projected) growth over previous winter

In the winter, there is the most opportunity for growth. Most shops shut down for a day or 2 during the week, and reduce their hours. We keep our same shop schedule year-round, and reduce staff time in the shop, as mentioned above. Its kind of like a camera need to open the aperture up more when it get dark.