SaddleDrive 2016

Every year, around this time, I am fortunate enough to get invite to Quality Bike Products (QBP) SaddleDrive event. The last 4 summers were in Utah, this year the event shifted to the Northstar Resort , near Lake Tahoe, California.

The event is centered around testing out QBP's new model year offerings from SalsaSurly , All CityHeller and Civia

. In addition to hands-on demos, there is a great product expo (centered around QBP's Dealer Choice Program), brand presentations, parties and great food.

Bracketed around 2 travel days, the event included full sessions Thursday and Friday.  The attendees were divided up into 4 groups, making grabbing that specific bike much easier

After an amazing dinner on our first night, Thursday opened up with a very focused dealer expo, really focusing on some great brands that have been curated by QBP for their Dealer's Choice Program.

The mountain was at our full disposal, along with all of the chair lifts. I had never ridden after chair-lifting up a mountain.

I was fortunate to try a bunch of bikes, and also had the misfortune of crashing a few times as I ventured to the top of the mountain.

Thanks for QBP for the invite, and I hope to be lucky to attend next year