Niner Demo September 24, 2016

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On Saturday, September 24th 2016, 718 Cyclery welcomed Niner Bikes to a 2017 demo at Cunningham Park, in Queens NYC.

Niner had some fantastic models to demo and display, and brought a truck and trailer full of bikes.

As with most/all 718 events, the day started at 5:00am with a shop load-out. We had rain up to about 7am. It was overcast and misty for awhile, and we were finally treated to a great fall day by around 1pm.

Demo Set-up

There is alot to be excited about with Niner's 2017 line-up. From the full-suspension family, they rolled out some






out of the truck. For hardtails, it was the


. And, for gravel and Cross, it was the




Folks started lining up at 8:45, and by 9am we were off to the races.  Scott and Ben from Niner kept the line moving with fittings, while Greg and Joe form 718 helped people select the right bike.

Niner Full Suspension Models:


The new RIP takes its place as the king of the mountain and Niner’s most capable trail bike. A product of our [R]Evolution, the RIP renews our outlook on what a long travel trail bike can and should do. It’s the go-to for backcountry epics and big terrain when you need every arrow in the quiver. Built with 150mm of remarkably versatile suspension on a lightweight frame, the RIP gives you all the traction, control and fun that used to be the domain of big, all mountain crushers, but without the extra pounds. Now you can enjoy more travel with less weight, and when you can have more for less?...well, you always say yes (



The all new JET anchors the [R]Evolution of our trail bikes. Knowing that technologies and rider expectations have changed over the years, we’ve put a lot of time, energy and research into creating the most versatile and fun full suspension mountain bike money can buy (



: The RKT 9 RDO is intended to do one thing very well – fly. All stops were pulled to create the most efficient full suspension race-worthy short travel sled. The frame is constructed using our RDO Carbon Compaction technology, which utilizes highly resilient fibers to provide front and rear triangles that are incredibly lightweight and durable. Punish it on daylong epics and be amazed – it will keep coming back for more despite its featherweight feel (


By around 1pm, the sun came out

Niner Hardtail Models:


Niner’s history is rooted in the evolution of mountain biking. From the introduction of our first hardtail, we’ve worked tirelessly to push the limits of what people think is possible when it comes to the construction, geometry and handling of premium bicycles. The [R]Evolution that began with the RKT 9 RDO continues with the new AIR 9 RDO, Bigger is Still Better, your Big Wheel Crush is now faster and more refined (


Niner Gravel/Cross Models:


While other frame materials fall in and out of favor, steel stands the test of time. Finely constructed steel frames, crafted and welded by the best builders, have continued to be the benchmark other materials measure themselves against. The RLT9 Steel delivers a flawless synthesis of form and function into a frame that makes every ride open for adventure. From mounting panniers and racks for camping to traveling the gravel road that curves out of sight, the RLT9 is more than capable for the open road (



It’s just you and the bike on race day. The BSB is your one up on the competition. Lightning-fast response, maximum power transfer and state-of-the-art construction combine to deliver even in the most adverse conditions. The race is on (


Thanks so much to Scott and Ben at Niner, as well as Greg and the rest of the 718 crew,  We are all about creating experiences. Demo events are are great way to get people on some great bikes ot in the woods.