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"If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together" African Proverb

718 Cyclery's

Micro-Tours are a quick way to escape the city on the weekend, on your bike. Meet at the shop on Saturday, meet new friends, ride to our destination, eat, camp, and return to the shop on Sunday. No work is missed, but worlds are opened up.

These flash trips are considered "unsupported". No hotels, no lobster, no one ferrying your bags across the river on their head. It's you, your bike, your gear and some fantastic like-minded people.

Don't worry if you don't have all the gear. Sign up for the trip. The next step is that we can help evaluate your set-up and help you acquire (purchase, rent and/or borrow) the pieces you might need. Don't let your apprehension about gear and distance riding get in your way...these trips are designed to provide an environment to get you up and going with people who care. The first step is the hardest.

Special Thanks to Avi at Traverse Outfitters for all he does to support what we do

Micro-Tour 03:

Micro-Tour 03 was a fire-breathing, misty-mountain hop. It's a 55 mile ride from 718 to Lake Tiorati in Harriman State Park, 5 miles NW of Stony Point. At one point, we had 71 people signed up for this trip. Due to the threat of storms (that only partially materialized), we pulled 24 people out to ride and camp with us.

Saddling up at 718, 7am roll call

Our posted departure time was 7am. We normally leave at 9am, but wanted to make sure we left enough time for the ride and to arrive at the site before sundown. As usual, we worked our way through Brooklyn, over the Brooklyn Bridge. We the picked up riders at the 79th Street Boat Basin, and more at the far side of the George Washington Bridge.

Over the Brooklyn Bridge

Over the George Washington Bridge

Meeting in NJ

The day was slightly brisk, with drizzle and light rain.

Heading north on 9W

Another rest stop at the Market just inside the NY boarder

Rest stop at the Runcible Soon in Nyack

After passing under the Tappan Zee bridge on the west side of the Hudson, we rode further north through Nyack Beach Park

Nyack Beech

After a stop at an Aldi supermarket in Haverstraw, we did the final 10 mile climb into Harriman. Most would agree this climb was epic, although a few folks made it without walking.

Elevation profile

The main group arrived at our misty campsite around 3:30pm, with the "Lost Battalion" arriving about 90 minutes later.

The Lost Battalion

Camp set-up

718 Branded image


One of the coolest part of these trips is the meal prep....so many types of cooking gear and so much variety with food.  As always, it's all shared.

...and then there was "The Pizza"

Rob has been on every Micro-Tour, and we are always learning something new about him.  This time we learned that he makes pizza in a cast iron skillit.  For anyone who know the climb from the ride, its unbelievable that he carried a CAST IRON SKILLET on his bike.

The Pizza

Rob is also a master fire-blower

Oh year, the fire

We tried to purchase firewood from the adjacent Boy Scout Troop.  When that was unsuccessful, Fire Team Alpha gathered up dry fuel sources (like Doritos), and well as seeking out firewood from the damp f


Day 02

It rained fairly steady for a few hours duiring the night, but no one had any mention of issues with lack of water-proofing.

A rainy overnight led to a damp and misty morning

As with dinner, breakfast is a family affair

Groups rolled out for the ride home throughout the morning...

Like with the Olympics, where the Olympic President declares the Olympics are the best ever at each closing ceremony. I find myself declaring this to be the best trip ever.

And besides, there was the living embodiment of one of the shop's favorite lines.

"What, you dont like my bags"

is an obscure Simpsons reference where Moe gets indignant that he is being kicked out of a meeting for wearing Wonder bread bags for shoes. 

And, there they were staring me in the face.