2016 Year in Review

2016 was an amazing year for 718 Cyclery

The retail environment for the bike industry is an ominous place. In 2016, we continued to focus our efforts on the things that we could affect, while not wasting energy on things we can't control (like the economy, the weather, the election, vendors/suppliers or the internet).

We redoubled our energies into the things that the internet can never take away...relationships, events, strong brand partners and service. (We believe) this approach allowed us to achieve another year of growth. Sitting inside these 4 walls, talking and complaining about it, just doesn't cut it. Having the best staff around also helps immeasurably.

We certainly don't have the answers for everything, but have arrived at a balance that allows us to be sustainable, do the work that we want to do, and enjoy our lives OUTSIDE the shop....and isn't that what all this is about?

Women's Programming

  • Classes: In 2016, 718 launched a series of Women's Bike Maintenance Classes, which has turned into a regular occurrence on the last Wednesday of each month (sign up here). This class covers routine bike maintenance, the tools you should never leave home without, and how to fix a flat, with plenty of time to ask questions
  • Women's Adventure Cycling Club: After many inquires, we helped launch the Women's Adventure Cycling Club (WACC). This group had a gear clinic in Prospect Park, as well as classes on gear and packing. In August the group went out on an overnight trip to Fahenstock State Park. This group has huge things planned for 2017.
  • Women's Off-Road Jam: On July 24th, 718 Cyclery along with Anna-Maria of Pretty Damned Fast, hosted our first Women's Off-Road Jam at Cunningham Park in Queens. The event served as an introduction for women looking to get into mountain biking, as well as place for season vets to get some runs in, as well as serve as mentors to newer riders. We will be announcing the 2017 event shortly.

Giving Back

  • Transportation Alternatives: Partnering with our great friends at TA, 718 is involved with a pilot program that gives a free TA membership for all new bike purchases.
  • CLIMB: Each race that we held at Cunningham Park n 2016 gave all proceeds to CLIMB (Concerned Mountainbikers of Long Island). In 2016, we raised over $1700 for CLIMB, as well as promoting registration drives as a way to register for our races.
  • In 2016, 718 donated prizes to races and events throughout the year, including Cranksgiving (the NYC one and the Brooklyn one)
  • We feel that our Free Classes (over 60 in 2016), free races, free shop rides and free Micro-Tours help to build a sustainable community.


2016 saw the continuation of our

Tour Program

, started in 2015. All tours were "unsupported" (camping), and led by multiple 718 staffers.

  • Spring (Pittsburgh to DC): Our Spring 2016 Tour was a unsupported ride from Pittsburgh to DC over 6 days.
  • Summer (Adirondacks): Our Summer 2016 Tour was a unsupported ride around the Adirondack State Park over 8 days
  • Fall (Catskills): Our Fall 2016 Tour was a unsupported ride through the Catskills over 6 days.


Launched in 2016, 718


were envisioned as a way to get people into bike camping and touring, with a smaller time and gear commitment. These were incredibly successful, and the program will be expanded in 2017.


  • Fat and Frozen: Our first Fatbike race, Fat and Frozen, was supposed to be help on January 20th.  Lest you forget, that was the day of a huge blizzard, so the race was moved back 1 week
  • Dirt Jam: Our Dirt Jam event on April 24th showcased a series of "alternative" race formats, such as the Nerf Biathlon and the Fatbike Derby
  • City Slicker 2, Clay's Gold: City Slicker 2, Clay's Gold was held on November 19th, and hosted over 75 racers.

Demo Events

  • Salsa Demo Event: The best part about working with vendors who value their relationships is that we are able to host demo events. Our Salsa demo event included a Friday nigh class on bikepacking and a Saturday demo event at Cunningham Park
  • Niner Demo Event: On Saturday, September 24th 2016, 718 Cyclery welcomed Niner Bikes to a 2017 Demo Event at Cunningham Park, in Queens NYC.


Free maintenance classes are a big part of the narrative of collaboration and trust at 718. We have been doing these for over 6 years, week in and week out.  The best part about having some of the best staff in NYC is that they make the best teachers and mentors.

Looking Towards 2017

2017 promises to be our biggest year ever.  We have an entire year of classes, events, micro-tour and full blown tours. Check it all out at