Fat and Frozen 2: Electric Boogaloo

On February 4th, 2017

718 Cyclery

hosted Fat and Frozen 2: Electric Boogaloo at

Cunningham Park

in Queens, NYC. This was the 2nd edition of NYC's Fatbike Race (see

"Fat and Frozen 1"

). As always, the race was free by donations were collected as a fundraiser for CLIMB.

Load-out began at the shop waaaay too early on a cold (25 degree) Saturday morning. The best crew in NYC and some the shop's closest friends arrived by 6:45am to get everything loaded for the 15 mile trip to Cunningham 

Clay..on time and under budget!

718 AM Crew

Colin knows how to roll, for the most part

At any race, the 2 parallel jobs that happen once we get to Cunningham Park are to get the course inspected, marked and taped and to get the registration area set up.

Holding it down at Registration, Volume 1

Holding it down at Registration, Volume 2

The racing was both Fat and Frozen (the temparture hovered around 32 all day).  Over 100 racers signed up to take part in what could be best described as a fat Bike Festival.  Tire minimum was set at 3.8" for the minimum, and aside fcrom having brakes and a helmet, these were the only requirements. We had a podium specially constructed for this race and all future events, because we felt it was time.

Podium being tested in shop

Podium with some real winners on it

We ran Expert, Intermediate and Novice divisions for both man and women, as well as a youth race.

Photo by George Mattera

Photo by George Mattera

Photo by George Mattera

Photo by George Mattera

As with most 718 Cyclery events, the day is far aboiut connecting with old friends, while making new ones...and hoping that the 718 Staff keeps the rubber side down.

Clay found some time to make some chilli-dogs for the crowd

The Clearview Expressway Overpass...a staple of any Cunningham ride

The ol' hat toss

After cleaning the course, Aaron found he had a tape baby

Sung's food carrt..email him at mangchibike


The 718 Race Team got 2nd and 3rd in the Advanced race

Never skinny, @fatbikeliferon

As usual, big thanks go out to our team of volunteers, which extends to our vendor/partners who had bikes available to demo and race, for free. Thanks to Chris from QBP (




), Joe from

Reid Bikes

and John from




and others.