2017 Micro-Tour 1

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Micro-Tours are a quick way to escape the city on the weekend, on your bike. Meet at the shop on Saturday, meet new friends, ride to our destination, eat, camp, and return to the shop on Sunday. No work is missed, but worlds are opened up!

Safety First, safety Pizza second

When we plan a Micro-Tour, we use 3 basic criteria.  Distance, weather/season and campsite facilities. The 2017 Micro-Tour 01 broke 3 records, as it was longest (67 miles each way), coldest (33 degrees at night) and the first to go to a

Primitive Campsite


Arkel Dolphin 32's, ready for duty

This wasn't supposed to be the case.  Our first Micro-Tour of the season was slated as a nice and easy one, but the campsite was closed until May, so we had to switch on the fly.

Up the Brooklyn Bridge

Despite (or because of this), 13 people jumped abroad for the 67 mile ride to

California Hill State Forest

in Carmel, NY on April 8/9.

The ride proceeded from


over the Brooklyn Bridge into Manhattan.

From there, its up the Hudson River Greenway...

And over the Broadway Bridge into the Bronx

The route went through Van Cortland Park, picking up the

"Old Put"

rail trail (which comprises the South County, North County and Putnam Trail).

The crew re-grouping on the "Old Put"

At about 32 miles on these norther trips, its always a good time to stop off at the Elmsford Deli, where the South and North County Trails meet

Elmsford Del

The North County Trail, being a former railroad, has a slow but steady incline as you head north.

A really nice feature is the bridge heading over the Croton Resevoir at around mile 46

The camping at California Hills is "primitive", meaning that there are no facilities or infrastructure to support camping (bathrooms, water, etc)

The crew arrived and made short work of setting up their tents creating a great campfire. Then, its time to geek out on cooking gear!

The night got down to about 33 degrees, and excitment was added by the owl dogfight that happened in the middle of the night

Morning broke calm and milder, with temps steadily climbing

Water purification

The ride back was a staggered affair, with some of the group choosing to ride all the way back, while others sough out the train along the Hudson River. A great first trip!

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