2017 718 Cyclery Staff Camping Trip

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On June 5/6, 2017, 718 Cyclery closed its doors to go on a staff camping trip to Mountain Lakes Park in North Salem, NY.  For a shop that is open 362 days/year (closed Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years Day), this was a major bonding event. We had a good amount of rain, and it was the coldest June day/night in the last 10 years.

Steady, using his campfire app to control fire

The ride was 62 miles, with 2756' of climb, reaching the highest point in Westchester County

7 of us left together from the shop, and we met 3 more along the way

We found this guy at the 79th Street Boat Basin on the Hudson River Greenway

Flat tires gave the team a chance to chat during the ride

After picking up Steady and Greg, the team wound their way up through the Bronx to meet Aaron in Van Cortlandt Park

Hard to believe this is the Bronx (1 of 4))

Hard to believe this is the Bronx (2 of 4))

Hard to believe this is the Bronx (3 of 4)

A stop in Elmsford at Mile 30 for lunch

Steady, at the kids table

Steady and Greg, working their way up the North County Trailway

Arrived at Mountain Lakes Park around 6pm

The first step upon camp arrival is fire creation

Go Colin!

Aaron and Elori made it happen, despite the rain

A little dark, a little cold and alot wet

Steakmaster....5lbs worth were cooked and consumed

Chombo light puppet show

Veggie time

Steady borrowed Alfred's tent, but forgot to borrow the tent poles....so he bunked down in a local lean-to

Morning at Mountain Lakes Park

Alfred and Aaron slept on the porch of a close by camp building

Rise and shine

The remains of a little BB gun action the night before

Piping in "Revele" helped to wake the savage beast

Rainy breakfast of sorts

Alfred has been set on fire on numerous camping trips....not sure why?

Thankfully Steady and his phone survived teh night.  It was the coldest June day in the last 10 years

A couple of good looking guys

It rained alot, and was pretty chilly, but we had a great time.  Spending time with people you care about is impervious (mostly) to the elements

Joe's Niner RLT

Group shot upon camp departure