2017 Micro-Tour 3

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Micro-Tour 3 (July 8/8, 2017) saw a series of firsts...first child making the ride, first Micro-Tour with multiple routes, and first recumbent rider.

The 2017 Micro-Tour 3 was 2 rides. Group one (43 riders) rode 62 miles from

718 Cyclery

(meeting a few people along the way) to

Mountain Lakes Park

in North Salem NY. Group 2 took the Metro North Harlem Line train to Pleasantville and rode 21 miles to camp. Both groups linked up 7 miles from camp to load up on supplies and ride to camp together.

Group 1 heading over the Brooklyn Bridge

Group 2 taking the train

Group 1 on South County Trail

Group 1 hit a few mechanical snags, but arrived intact

Group 2 making their way north

Group 1 and 2 rendezvous at Goldens Bridge

Ride up into camp. Mountain Lakes is at the highest elevation in Westchester County

We had 2 campsites right on Pine Lake

Camp set-up

Water was scarce, so a party set out in search of some

A nice rain storm moved through late afternoon

Popcorn cooking lesson

Despite the rain, a fire was started

Cooking dinner

Cooking dinner

The rain cleared late afternoon

The evening's campfire

Morning broke clear and calm

Coffee fire

Groups traveled back to NYC on various routes.

Micro-Tour 3 was a special trip...made even more fun by the shear numbers of riders who participated and had a great time.