2017 Micro-Tour 6

2017 Micro-Tour 6

The 2017 Micro-Tour 6 was our most ambitious in terms of states visited (3!), and in terms o weather.  A classic 'nor'easter was foretasted for the weekend (Spoiler Alert..it rained alot!), but 13 souls took the along and ventured north with 718 Cyclery

The plan involved a few moving parts, but it was sound.  The group met at NYC's Grand Central Terminal for a 7:50am train north on the Harlem Line. First to the Southeast station, and then a transfer further north to the end of the line at Wassiac.

Map is a lie...we routed differently and went 42 miles

The trip up the line was uneventful, and 2-1/2 hours long.  The group arrived at Wassiac to a gloriously perfect autumn day.

The Ride proceed north for 10 miles on the Harlem Valley Rail Trail

The group made a right at Millton, NY, and arrived at Salisbury CT for lunch (Mile 16)

The ride then traveled north/east into Massachusetts along a mix of paved roads and gravel

The next stop was Guido's in Great Barrington, MA.  This stop for provisions was 7 miles (and close to 1000' of vertical climb) short of the campsite

Like every campsite ever, the spot at Bearttown State Forest required a pretty arduous climb...the last 4 miles of this 42 mile journey were certainly a challenge. As evidence of this, we passed the Butternut Ski Resort and continued to climb

We arrived at camp in late afternoon.  The facility is closed for the season, so the sites are first come, first served.  It also meant that there were no facilities (water, restrooms)

After camp was set up, the group set out to build a fire and cook some food. 

A good time was had by all...and no real mention of the impending storm that we all knew was coming. Ignorance, and cheap whiskey, is bliss

The rain came at 2am Sunday morning, and never really let up all day.  teh group decxided to leave at 7 (and a later group at 7:30) in order to make the 12:29 train at Wassiac, 42 miles away

The group did a great job staying together and staying sale

We made the train with time spare...

... enough time to make Train Station Bacon